REUNION is the 4th issue of EXTENTS, the student-run magazine from the University of Washington’s Department of Landscape Architecture.

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2020-2021 EXTENTS Contributors

Production Manager: Jake Minden

I’m in the third year of the MLA program. I’ve spent much of my time in school thinking about integrating justice and equity into design work and design practice. I’ve also been involved with Extents for the past two issues. 

I was the production manager for this year’s issue of Extents. The production manager is responsible for managing teams and team members, and helping to co-create the magazine within defined timelines and budgetary constraints. I also helped to coordinate the review process of student work, facilitate connection between layout and content for a cohesive issue, the printing process, and the distribution of the magazine. I attempted to streamline the workflow to eliminate extra labor and communicate with the Department for support and visibility of the hard work that goes into the issue, both in the student submissions and magazine production. It was a pleasure to work with team members to collaboratively produce a beautiful and thoughtful magazine!

Lead Editor: Alexandra Burgos (she | her | ella)

I am in my final year of the MLA II program. I entered landscape architecture with the dream of creating sustainable and healthier spaces for marginalized communities of color. I am currently collaborating with a group of Latinx designers under the name LLAMA, a grassroots collective that aims to connect Latinx designers, students, educators, and collaborators, to address issues of under representation within the profession and discipline of landscape architecture. When I am not deep in research, you can find me at the tennis court, on my bike, or dancing to my favorite Latinx tunes. 

My role as the Lead Editor was to guide the editorial team in curating the content for this year’s issue. While this was a big responsibility, the editorial team made this role feel easy! As a team we voted on the projects that would be included in the magazine (incorporating input from guest reviewers), chose the graphics that would accompany the project, copy edited the text, decided on editorial pieces, and organized the projects accordingly- all of this relating back to the theme of Reunion. Overall we worked as a team to create a cohesive and strong narrative.

Editor: Ellie Murray

I am in my final year of the MLA II program. I have spent most of my time in the program understanding how to use my scientific background in chemistry with design and systems thinking. I have a strong passion for the outdoors and hope to use landscape architecture as a way to provide more equitable access to these places. 

As a member of the editorial team, I worked alongside some incredible teammates to curate and copy edit the content of the issue. 

Editor: Heather Parker (she/her)

I am in my final year of the MLA program. I come to landscape architecture with a background in community involvement and environmental education and am interested in storytelling, community-driven design, and creating a better pedestrian realm. I love exploring new places by foot and can often be found wandering around my neighborhood or adventuring out in the Cascades.

I worked with my fantastic teammates on the editorial team to review, curate and edit content for the issue. I also created content, including an editorial piece that I wrote on finding belongingness in a pandemic through citizen site analysis.

Layout Assistant: Meghan Obernberger

A current undergraduate pursuing studies in Landscape Architecture and Real Estate, I am passionate about leveraging the public realm to promote sustainable and inclusive communities. I believe that the built environment has the unique capacity to serve as both a form of physical and cultural infrastructure, and seek to develop spaces that are ecologically and economically functional while also reflecting and sharing the histories and stories tied to a site. When I’m not in Gould Hall, you can find me paddle boarding on a local lake, gardening, or hiking on one of the many trails in the area.

As a member of the layout team, I assisted in designing the format and overall graphic appearance of the magazine alongside my peers on the team. 

Layout Assistant: Shihui Liu

I am in my final year of Master of Landscape Architecture program, with an ongoing graduate certificate in real estate. Born and raised in a dense urban area, I am always curious about people’s life experience in urban environments and the balance between nature and human development. In graduate school, after getting exposed to community engagement, affordable housing, and stormwater management, I gradually realize the importance of sustainability and social equity. For me, a landscape architect’s role is not just about designing the place, but uniting other professionals to create a high-quality built environment. In my spare time, I enjoy playing classical guitar and traveling.

In the layout team, I collaborated with other members to explore various text and graphic arrangements and choose the best one to implement in the magazine.

Outreach and Fundraising: Erin Irby (she/her/hers)

I am currently in my second year of the MLA program. I am passionate about revealing the dynamics of ecologically rich spaces for both humans and wildlife through design. In my spare time, I enjoy nothing more than swimming in the Salish Sea, spying on local birds, and sketching on long-distance train trips.

As part of the Outreach and Fundraising/Hype Girls team, Jude and I reorganized and streamlined the submission process, coordinated professional review of student submissions, scoped additional funding for the magazine, and supported external communications.

Content Manager: Tim Spenser

I am an MLA in the prospective class of 2022. I look forward to helping shape the built environment in ways that redefine our relationships with nature and each other for the 21st century.

I served as part of the Content Team and helped frame the issue’s focus and select projects to be published in the magazine.