Kameron Selby

Kameron Selby is a licensed architect currently practicing in Seattle, Washington. Being born and raised in Western Washington and earning his BSD in Architecture at Arizona State University allowed Kameron to experience a dichotomy of environments; one being a constant rainstorm and the other a drought. These experiences helped him to better understand the importance of climate and site-responsive design. Upon returning to the Pacific Northwest Kameron attended the University of Washington, receiving both a Masters Degree in Architecture and Landscape Architecture. Drawing on his education in both fields Kameron strives to better understand the liminal space that occurs between the built and natural environments and where those thresholds can begin to fade away. He currently serves as a studio instructor and part-time lecturer in both the architecture and landscape architecture departments. When not working, Kameron enjoys traveling, photography, spending time with family and friends, and exploring the diverse environments that the Pacific Northwest has to offer.