Brooke Sullivan

Dr. Brooke Sullivan is an ecologist, spanning both terrestrial and marine systems. She is a Certified Arborist, Qualified Tree Risk Assessor, and Registered Consulting Arborist with over 20 years of experience in environmental consulting and restoration design. Previously, she owned and operated Back To Nature Design, worked for Tetra Tech as a tree risk assessor for wildfire damaged areas of California and with Environmental Science Associates as a landscape designer and restoration ecologist in Washington and Oregon. Her primary work and research foci are developing strategies to adapt to and mitigate global change effects through the enhancement and restoration of natural ecosystems.

Brooke completed her PhD dissertation Heterozostera Resilience at the University of Melbourne and the Victorian Marine Science Consortium Victoria, Australia with the Department of BioSciences. Previously, Brooke graduated from the College of the Environment School of Environmental and Forest Sciences at the University of Washington earning a Master of Science in Restoration Ecology and Environmental Horticulture.  Through her master’s thesis, Correlating multiple players in the mass wasting of seagrassBrooke developed strong foundations in ecological resilience, including advanced skills in microbiology and infectious disease ecology that have dominated her scientific research in recent years.   Prior to completing her graduate work she studied for a certificate in Restoration Ecology from the University of Washington and earned a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from the Department of Landscape Architecture and a Bachelor of Arts in Community and Environmental Planning from the College of Built Environments at the University of Washington. Brooke’s current research interests build on her expertise in restoration ecology, microbiology, ecosystem resilience and mitigation and she looks forward to working with students to develop real-world design solutions that respond to the myriad of environmental challenges facing urban areas today and into the future. She is committed to improving student and faculty well-being in higher education and looks for ways to increase academic agency, equity, access and diversity. When she is not working, Brooke enjoys sailing, cycling, reading and spending time with her friends and family.