UW//LA TeaTalk No. 3 | Guy Michaelsen, Berger Partnership

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Wed 01/15 | UW//LA  Professional TeaTalk Series

Guy Michaelsen, Berger Partnership – Current Fixations

4:30-5:30pm | Gould 322

Guy will share several recent projects that reflect his current design passions that include celebrating The un-natural nature of urban ecology,  embracing principals of art in design of the public realm and the power of experiential opportunities created by embracing ephemeral interventions.

UW//LA Departmental Lecture | Steven Handel, Rutgers University


Thu 11/21 | UW//LA  Autumn Departmental Lecture

Steven Handel, Rutgers University

Dreams and Nightmares of Urban Restoration Ecology

6:30pm | Arch Hall 147


Learning Objective:
Learn ecological constraints and opportunities for restoring ecological function to urban degraded lands. This lecture will offer one (1) Professional Development Hour (PDH). Please register here if you wish to receive credit.



Small patches of native habitat in urban and suburban areas can supply ecological services, public amenities that are sustainable with relatively low maintenance costs. We have designed and tested a series of plantings in urban areas (parks, landfills, and brownfields) that attempt to restore ecological connections between fragmented and degraded remnant habitats.

Restoration designs for the new Brooklyn Bridge Park in New York and the Orange County Great Park in California includes meshing restored habitat complexity with civic needs. These types of ecological solutions may be relevant to many urban landscape architecture designs. Early collaboration of ecologists with landscape architects, planners, and civil engineers, is needed for these plans to succeed. Building this link with the design community will be necessary to advance urban restoration practice.


Professor Steven Handel is a restoration ecologist studying the potential for improvement of habitats, biodiversity, and ecoservices in urban areas. His scientific background is in plant population ecology and plant-animal interactions. He has collaborated with landscape architects on the application of ecology to the design of urban parks, and spoken about these issues internationally.

He is an Aldo Leopold Leadership Fellow of the Ecological Society of America and a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. He serves as Editor of Ecological Restoration. He was awarded “Honorary Membership” to the American Society of Landscape Architects for “nationally or internationally significant achievements” important to that profession.

In 2011, he received the Theodore Sperry Award by the Society for Ecological Restoration International for “pioneering work in the restoration of urban areas.” The Sperry Award, given only every other year, is the highest research award for ecological restoration in the world. Handel received his B.A. from Columbia College and Ph.D. from Cornell University, in the Field of Ecology and Evolution.

CBE ScanDesign Lecture | Bianca M. Hermansen

Wed 11/13 | CBE ScanDesign Lecture

Bianca M. Hermansen, CITITEK, Copenhagen: Performative Urban Form

6:00pm | Arch Hall 147

BørnLegFrBerg LR

Bianca M. Hermansen is an architect MAA, Urban Designer and Ph.D researcher at the Danish Royal Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture. She is also founder and CEO of CITITEK, a research based consultancy. In addition she is a consultant at Gehl Architects and Copenhagenize Design.

Lecture co-sponsored by the Scan|Design Foundation, CBE, UW Department of Landscape Architecture & UW Department of Architecture.


UW//LA TeaTalk No. 2 | Isami Kinoshita, Chiba University


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Wed 11/6 | UW//LA  Professional TeaTalk Series

Isami Kinoshita, Chiba University – Post-Disaster Rebuilding: Children’s Lost Landscape after 3.11

4:30-5:30pm | Gould 322

After 3.11, the children and youth of Minami Sanriku town lost not only the landscape of their homes and neighborhoods, but also their outdoor spaces for play. Their sense of loss was serious, but some of them were encouraged to do positive by taking part in the recovery process. This presentation will show the situation at the time of the disaster evacuation, and how the children and youth worked together in a participatory process for proposing their plan for recovery.


Isami’s bio can be found here:  http://www.h.chiba-u.jp/prof/graduate/ryokuchi/isamikinoshitae.html

UW//LA TeaTalk No. 1 | Nicolas Morin, Barker LA


Join us for the first TeaTalk of the academic year!




Wed 10/16 | UW//LA  Professional TeaTalk Series

Nicolas Morin, Barker LA – Community-Based Design:  Barton St. P-Patch and more

4:30-5:30pm | Gould 322

For Nicolas Morin, one of the joys of practicing landscape architecture is the opportunity to collaborate with communities. Whether a parklet, pocket park, or p-patch, the process is unpredictable, rich with unusual challenges, pushes creative problem solving, and is a wonderful way to connect with everyday champions. Helping a community own a design by listening carefully to their needs, building consensus, and identifying partnerships throughout the process can offer surprising rewards and results. 

Presentation by James Rojas


Imagination by Participation

James Rojas, founder of Place It! & Latino Urban Forum

Date: Monday, September 30, 2013
Time: 12 to 1pm
Place: Gould 440


James Rojas holds an MA in City Planning and an MS in Architecture Studies from MIT. He works as a city and transportation planner, and is the founder of the Latino Urban Forum, a non-profit dedicated to increasing awareness of planning and design issues facing low-income Latinos. He is a contributing author for Insurgent Public Space (2010), and has written and lectured extensively about how culture and immigration are transforming the American front yard and landscape. Through Place It! he has organized an impressive number of on-site model installations and interactive workshops.

Runstad Fellows Presentation


The UW Runstad Affiliate Fellows present: Place Capital: A Live Documentary Film About Cities

October 3rd, 6:30pm

From travels to Berlin, Krakow, Fukushima and Detroit, this year’s Runstad Affiliate Fellows featuring our very own Ken Yocom as they present a live documentary film about the changing nature of cities. From centers of trade to nodes of information and culture, the Fellows share stories about cities that have experienced destruction and renewal. What makes places resilient? How will the sharing economy reshape our urban experience? Are there better ways to approach development in our own community? Join us for an evening of moving images, stories and reflections.

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Autumn Quarter Events

We want to wish all of our returning students and new students a big UW Welcome to the CBE! This is scheduled to be a great year with a bunch of wonderful speakers and events.  This is a tentative list of events that will be sponsored by the Landscape Department this Fall.  Be sure to check out other Department calendars for a list of their events.   We will be posting the most recent events on the homepage, so check back for regular updates.   Happy Fall Everyone!!

Mon 9/30 | James Rojas Brownbag “Imagination by Participation” | Noon-1:30pm | Gould 440

Wed 10/2 | CBE Ice Cream Social | 4-6pm | Gould Court

Wed 10/16 | Dept. TeaTalks – Nicolas Morin, Barker LA – Barton St. P-Patch | 4:30-5:30pm | Gould 322

Fri 10/18 | Prospective MLA Open House | 11:30am – 5:30pm | RSVP here

Fri 10/18 | UWASLA / Department Happy Hour | 6-8pm | Gould Court

Mon 11/4 | OUT/in/FRONT Reception | 6-8pm | Gould Court | RSVP here

Wed 11/6 | Dept. TeaTalks – Isami Kinoshita, Chiba University | 4:30-5:30pm | Gould 322

Wed 11/13 | CBE ScanDesign Lecture – Bianca Hermansen, CITITEK Copenhagen| 6:00pm | Arch 147

Thurs 11/21 | Dept Lecture – Steven Handel, Rutgers | 6:30pm | Arch 147
(ecologist – urban restoration ecology – collaboration w/ MVV and Ken Smith) 

Mon 12/02 | LA 300 Review | 1-6pm | Gould Court
Wed 12/04 | LA Reviews | 12-6pm | Gould Court
Fri 12/06 | LA Reviews | 11:30am-6pm | Gould Court + Arch Hall G40